Wendland singles

Wendland singles
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Capstar continued to increase in efficiency and had the experience of the Permian Basin and Ohio to be even more competitive with its competitors.

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The company that was owned by the Elenburg family since 1966, and managed by Nick Wendland, brought even more experience and drive to the current Capstar Drilling Fleet. The fleet now ranges from 500 horsepower rigs to the new generation of Capstar Drilling, the CSD-1000, our first 1,000 horsepower, duel engine, single rig.

The values set forth by Elenburg Exploration, was a mirror image of the same goals of Capstar Drilling. The experience of our company has grown as well as our focus on safety, people, and the environment.

Aber nicht nur die Nutzungsart hat sich in Laufe der Zeit geändert, um den Ansprüchen der Gäste gerecht zu werden wurde viel Geld in die Modernisierung und Instandhaltung des Hauses investiert.

Aber nun ist wieder Ruhe, Gäste möchten die derzeitigen Eigentümer nicht mehr und ein kleiner Teil des Hauses ist vermietet.

In 1984, Jim Brazeal and Jerry Coleman started a partnership that would become an adventure with one Walker-Neer Apache drilling rig.

They had not imagined that their journey would become one of America’s leaders in land drilling.

The smaller locations that were required by Capstar Drilling saved operators money before the rig ever arrived on location.

The accomplishments of Capstar Drilling sparked the attention of larger oil companies at this time.

It was this moment that Capstar Drilling began construction of the CSD Line of Drilling Rigs.

Constructed in the Odessa, Texas Facility they began a new fleet of single, top head driven drilling rigs with higher KB’s, more efficient pumps, stouter derricks and new “iron rough necks”.

Rigs were able to be refurbished and Capstar Drilling’s name was able to be spread into the state of Ohio with the purchase of Peek and Rowan Drilling Company.