Single plattform Heidelberg

Single plattform Heidelberg
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By adding a PIM system within the flow, more information can be added to the products as compared to the single ERP and e-Commerce system.

Pimcore allows extra imagery, videos, specification sheets and safety sheets to be added on product level.

With everything in single repository, they were able to maintain consistency and organization with their wife range of product data.

All articles have a so called ‘Heidelberg-number’, a Pimcore-numbering that was added to give all articles for every branch one and the same number.

New treatment strategies have also been discovered at RMI using these high-resolution OCT images.

Our physicians strongly believe that this cutting edge technology has increased the accuracy and ease of diagnoses, advancing the field of retina and macular disease.

Using Pimcore, Heidelberg, was able to structure their product information flow in a structured manner.

They were able to input and store all related data in a single repository and thus saved time with not having to input data into multiple sources.

This ensures less system pollution and makes identifying the profitable products easier.

With this system in place, product managers have more control over the assortment management and marketing actions are made easier.

Again, this increases the precision of diagnostic testing and, in some cases, can reveal disorders commonly overlooked by other imaging systems.

Utilizing Tru Track™ image alignment software, the SPECTRALIS® is able to continuously monitor the position of the eye, allowing us to obtain a perfect image of the retina, even if the patient moves their eyes during the test.

Small and medium run lengths can be produced economically with minimal waste.