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The settling of numerous Germans in the Dutch municipality is one of the starting points for cross-border cooperation between the two cities.

Indeed, property prices have risen so much that the Dutch inhabitants were left unable to purchase accommodation.

When the Willem Sophia mine was opened around 1900, the town grew even more rapidly, absorbing old villages like Chèvremont.In the decades following 1960, all the mines in Limburg were closed.In order to resolve this problem, the inhabitants of Kerkrade were allowed to build houses on the German side under the same conditions as those practised on the Dutch side.The new German inhabitants of experienced difficulties integrating in Kerkrade and continued to use public services in Herzogenrath.The building of a dam in the Anstel, a brook flowing west of Kerkrade, has led to the formation of a reservoir with an area of about 20 ha.

This and its surroundings are very rich in flora and fauna.

With regard to public services, the two towns signed an agreement in 1996 on cooperation between the emergency and fire-fighting services; then in 2002, a joint police station was established.

In 2003, the Eurode Business Center celebrated the first “Cross-border Workers’ Day.” In 2008, the Herzogenrath railway station was renamed “Eurode-Bahnhof” (“Eurode Station.” In 2012, a cross-border information centre was opened.

In the 18th century the monks of Rolduc began small-scale coal mines.

More modern exploitation by others started in 1860, causing Kerkrade to grow significantly, especially as a consequence of the permanent settlement of mainly Southern-European miners in this Northern-European place.

Nieuwstraat/Neustraße is now a single two-way road, with the extra space now occupied with trees and bicycle lanes.