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Secretsexdate Hagen
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But the killers belong to 'The Consortium' a murderous slave organization that runs the underground city.

Director Terence Fisher keeps things moving along at a solid pace in this mystery.

Finally a nice print of this classic Hammer directed by John Gilling.

and an undercover biker/cop (Jason (Flesh Gordon) Williams) on the scene to make things tough on the bad guys.

When Reaper (Robert Random) , the leader of a murderous biker gang, is released from prison on a technicality, he swears revenge on Wade Olson (Jason (Flesh Gordon) Williams. When the police discover that their motorcycles are concealing heroin, Waco (Robert Porter) and his motorcycle gang hide out in a desert convent.

LBX BAA big game hunter returns to Japan after a hunting trip in Alaska to find his younger sister has killed herself after being raped by bikers. - Discharged by his employer, a private eye stays on a jewel theft case after a model with information for him is murdered.

Tom (The She Creature, The Atomic Submarine) Conway and Michael Ripper in a small role.At first it seems that only one family of three, the husband (Philippe Le Roy) slowly dying of radiation sickness, his earthy wife (Irene Papas) and pubescent son are the only survivors on a small coastal pocket of the Mediterranean.But soon two men find them and join them..are the only ones left that escaped the widespread contamination of fallout.BADriven by jealousy, the jilted leader of a female motorcycle gang instigates a sadistic reign of terror against her ex-lover and his new bride....With Patty Mc Cormack, Harry Dean Stanton, Ross Hagen and more. This print has a running time-coded # at the top of the screen through-out.A highway patrol man (Billy 'Green' Bush) hunts down the gang after they kidnap a nun, Sister Anna (Tippy Walker) and flee the convent.