Secret dating Freiburg im Breisgau

Secret dating Freiburg im Breisgau
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With the Nazi defeat, the society allegedly retreated to a base in Antarctica and vanished into the hollow Earth to meet up with the leaders of an advanced race inhabiting inner Earth.

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According to a 1979 interview conducted by FBI agent Robert Ressler, imprisoned serial killer Richard Chase believed, or claimed to believe, that Nazi UFOs had extorted him into committing his murders under threat to his own life.Chase further claimed that prison officials in league with the Nazis were poisoning his food, and he asked Ressler to provide him with a radar gun, with which he could apprehend his enemies.According to these theories and fictional stories, various potential code-names or sub-classifications of Nazi UFO craft such as Rundflugzeug, Feuerball, Diskus, Haunebu, Hauneburg-Gerät, V7, Vril, Kugelblitz (not related to the self-propelled anti-aircraft gun of the same name), Andromeda-Gerät, Flugkreisel, Kugelwaffe, and Reichsflugscheibe have all been referenced.Accounts appear as early as 1950, likely inspired by historical German development of specialized engines such as Viktor Schauberger's "Repulsine" around the time of World War II.Belluzzo also expressed the opinion that "some great power is launching discs to study them".

It apparently had occult markings on it and it was also rumoured to have been very similar to a Wehrmacht document about a vertical take off aircraft.

While these early speculations and reports were limited primarily to military personnel, the earliest assertion of German flying saucers in the mass media appears to have been an article which appeared in the Italian newspaper Il Giornale d'Italia in early 1950.

Written by Professor Giuseppe Belluzzo, an Italian scientist and a former Italian Minister of National Economy under the Mussolini regime, it claimed that "types of flying discs were designed and studied in Germany and Italy as early as 1942".

Unsurprisingly, most of the dishes at Das Kartoffelhaus feature potatoes.

Yet despite its focus on a staple food, this is a first-class restaurant and one of the best in the city.

He said that the project had been developed by him and his team at BMW's Prague works until April 1945, when he fled Czechoslovakia.