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Nobody had expected this to happen, so nobody had booked a satellite.

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She will later join the new East German party, Democratic Awakening, and there begin her political career. I’m coming back.” Some individuals are now striking at the Wall with hammers and pick-axes. On the Ku’Damm, Peter Millar and the waitresses pile out of their taxi into what he calls “the carnival that had spread across the centre of West Berlin.” Andrea spots a telephone box, and Millar lends her the Western money to use it. In the weeks and months following this day, citizens from East and West Berlin will take the demolition of the Wall into their own hands.• Germany marks 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall • Meet the model East German city ruined by the fall of the Wall • Photographs from the Iron Curtain • In pictures: Berlin before and after the war • East German Politburo decided to topple the Wall in a smoking break The Berlin Wall has collapsed.This entire era in the history of the socialist system is over.Then, of course, it hits him: he is watching the Berlin Wall go down the drain.

In Britain, Fleet Street has long since sent out its front pages. Nearby, NBC’s Barrie Dunsmore is supposed to be making a similar live broadcast.Instead, he can provide only his voice while his staff try to book a video link.Only our ‘best friends’ Castro, Ceauşescu, and Kim Il Sung are still around – people who hate our guts. Earlier the same morning, Marc Kusnetz, one of Tom Brokaw’s colleagues at NBC, goes back to his hotel to freshen up.As he bends over the bathroom sink and splashes cold water on his face, he notices a thick grey powder washing off him. Christiane, Janna and Andrea finally make it through the wall, where Petar Millar happens to spot them.