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Kostenlose singleseite Offenbach am Main
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Offenbach became the center of the traditional design with figures such as the architect Hugo Eberhardt, the typographer Rudolf Koch, the bookbinder and designer Ignatz Wiemeler and Ernst Engel and the painter Karl Friedrich Lippmann.During the Second World War a third of the city was destroyed by Allied bombing, which claimed 467 lives.The newest suburb is Mathildenviertel in the center near to the Main river.

In 1635 Offenbach given to the Landgraves of Hesse-Darmstadt but it was returned to the Isenburg-Birstein Count (later Prince) in 1642 and remained in that Principality until 1815 when the Congress of Vienna gave the city to the Austrian Emperor, Francis I.A year later it was given to the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt.In the east the three incorporated: Bürgel (incorporated 1908), Bieber (incorporated April 1, 1938), and Rumpenheim (incorporated April 4, 1942).In the south are the newer suburbs Lauterborn and Rosenhöhe, Tempelsee, the office town Kaiserlei and the industrial area Waldheim.Hier wird Sie der Lili-Tempel beeindrucken, welcher 1798 als Badehaus errichtet wurde.

Offenbach gilt als Zentrum der Lederwarenindustrie. Bewohnen Sie ein Hotel in Offenbach, sollten Sie einen Abstecher in das Deutsche Ledermuseum nicht versäumen.The Rumpenheim Palace and its park were a popular destination for monarchs in the 19th century.The city was thereafter ruled by Grand Dukes of Hesse and by Rhine until the monarchy was abolished in 1918.Gemütliche Spazierwege führen Sie vorbei am Barockpalais und dem Parkbad.Eine weitere Grünanlage, welche Sie bequem von Ihrem Hotel in Offenbach aus erreichen, ist der Lili-Park.Only in 1486 could the Count Ludwig of Isenburg finally take control of city for his family, and 1556 Count Reinhard of Isenburg relocated his Residence to Offenbach, building a palace, the Isenburger Schloß (Isenburg Palace), which was completed in 1559.