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Havells single phase preventer
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As a result, the bridge rectifier conduct to forward bias transistor T can be adjusted so as not to actuate the circuit when unbalanced is less than 5% or 10%.

In other words, a motor starter is basically an electric device that is typically used with AC electrical motors to help bring down the increase in the values of the load, torque levels and electric current when the motor is powered on.

Electric motor starters, thus, prevent mechanical elements of the motor from being damaged by regulating the motor functioning.

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Generally, induction motor burn out due to excessive voltage during off hour, very low voltage during peak hours, unequal phase voltage and single phasing (missing of one phase completely from 3-phase supply).

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In 1971 Gupta Bought HAVELLS Brand from Haveli Ram Gandhi, and in next five years he started the first manufacturing Plant at Tilak Nagar, New Delhi of the Rewireable Switches and Changeover Switches in his Kirti Nagar Plant, near New Delhi.is deliberately chosen low in value for obtaining poorly regulated rectified voltage to ‘sense’ the variation in the line voltage from the specified voltage level.As shown in figure 2, the unbalanced supply sensing circuit comprises RC network, bridge rectifier and transistor T.By any means, if any one of the phase is absent, or the voltage are unequal, or even if the phase sequence is reversed, there exists a certain potential difference between terminals ‘P’ and ‘Q’.The potential difference is fed to the bridge rectifier through a preset.It is therefore essential to install single phasing preventer in addition to the starter.