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Guns and roses november rain single
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Despite its high profile, the video was only nominated for two Video Music Awards in 1992 (Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction) and beat out clips from Genesis, Tori Amos, Eric Clapton and En Vogue for the cinematography prize.

However, it was picked as the top video of 1992 during MTV's year-end countdown.

MTV celebrates an important moment in its history this week: 17 years ago, Guns N' Roses' "November Rain" premiered on "Headbangers Ball." Since the video dropped in 1992, plenty has changed: Axl Rose has hired and fired dozens of bandmembers (finally releasing the long-awaiting Chinese Democracy last year) and Slash has gone from solo artist to Velvet Revolver axeman.

» At the time it was released, "November Rain" was considered the most expensive video ever made (it has since been eclipsed by a number of videos, most notably Michael & Janet Jackson's "Scream"). » Though it appears as though the concert footage is real, the scenes of Guns N' Roses performing were entirely staged: the band rented a theater in Los Angeles and brought in 1,500 extras to play an audience.Rather than simply mime playing their instruments and lip-synching along to a pre-recorded track, Guns actually played through the song (as well as a number of other tunes in their canon) in order to keep the extras entertained. I got to see this song performed live when G&R was on tour with Metallica and Faith No More. "November Rain" is indeed a musical/video masterpiece. November Rain is a song about not wanting to deal with love that isn't mutual or recipicated, basically unrequited love, and Estranged is a follow up of November Rain, it's about acknowledging the fact of unrequited love... Axl said this basic idea of this comment in an interview. The girl, Elizabeth, shoots herself after interrupting Mayne (Axl) with a groupie. That's what happened in the video, though they left it out so you'd read the story. I wish I would have recorded this video when I had the chance. Axl Rose" is his legal name now, so it very much is his -real- name. That's likely why the video was edited, if what you two say is true.However, some scenes – like Slash playing the guitar on the field and Axl kissing his girlfriend remained forever in my head – it just looked so beautiful.

I couldn’t speak English back then but I knew that the song tells a touching and romantic story – I could feel it… Funny how at one minute GNR can make a dark, rough song like "welcome to the jungle" or "my Michelle" but then be all innocent and sensitive like "November rain" or "sweet child of mine"I saw this video and know for a fact that there was a shooting scene in the video, that is why you have the guy diving over the table, the wine which is suppose to resemble blood and the death of the bride. If that's true, then Axl heavily strayed from "Without You", the short story this was based on.Metallica talks about their experience with the G&R antics on this tour on their VH1 Behind the Music Special, but we got to see it first hand. It set records as the longest song to make it in the top ten and as the most expensive video on record. It shows a band that can not only rock their azz off, but play an acoustic ballad with tremedouselouquence. The opening sentence in Part 2 of Ray Bradbury's dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451, reads: "They read the long afternoon through while the COLD NOVEMBER RAIN fell from the sky upon the quiet house." Anybody know of any connection?Faith no More payed, then Metallica (James Hetfield had his arm in a cast from the injury he received during the tour), then G&R came on stage. The "Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 set records for being both number 1 & 2 at the same time on the billboard charts. i admire this song,we keep on comparing artists and their songs from anayone we heard, but frankly speaking, in my own understanding, every artist has its own style and uniqueness, whether we are musicians or not, let's just respect them.Axl Rose was obviously wasted and it was not long before he was shouting obscenities and inexplicable political opinions at the audience instead of performing. All the players of G & R contributed to their greatness, but Axl's voice & Slash's guitar virtousity: kismet. This song became really big at a key time in my life: when my then girlfriend broke up with me, and yes, it was in the fall, close to November.One day, people might wake up and realize that they might lose their loved one and be left all alone…