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This user interaction is what gave impetus to the development of social media, as we know it today.

To add to this newfound power, people realized that they were not speaking in a vacuum; a highly responsive audience, who took part in the conversation and put across their points of view, heard their voices.

This started a social shift towards power coming back to the masses.

Hyreklikk s p bildet, og du kan da lagre dem p din PC.

De nyeste bildene blir lagt ut ogs her p fremsiden.

They now made a difference whether it was a simple recommendation on a product or something bigger like enlistment of support for a public cause.

They are now being recognised and known as “Social Influencers”.It was just that the earlier platforms were more “technology” intensive and required some expertise to use and hence the number of people using these platforms was limited.Over a period of time as the technology matured, platforms were developed where regular users, without any technological background, could also use the services.Unfortunately people tend to partake in the most popular websites and expect them to fulfil all their needs instead of settling for a service that best serves their needs.If one has focussed objectives and knows exactly what he wants, s/he would certainly find a social media platform that will meet his/her particular needs. Social media empowered the people to express their thoughts and opinions and share them with others.This was a turning point in the history of Internet, making the Internet technology all inclusive, where people were no longer silent spectators to the content being dished out to them.