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Gratis dating plattform lübeck airport
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In 2010, both the financial crisis and the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull led to a general decrease in passenger numbers and destinations.

A new ILS CAT II system went operational in February 2014 allowing planes to operate at the airport in more difficult weather conditions.

The apron features three stands for walk-boarding, which are suitable for mid-sized aircraft such as the Airbus A320, as well as some stands for smaller general aviation aircraft.

In September 2015, the airport's new owner, the German subsidiary of the Chinese Pu Ren Group, also declared bankruptcy.

The state of Schleswig-Holstein had already announced it would not invest in the airport.

In 1997, the arrival terminal was re-constructed and extended.

Ryanair started to operate from the airport in 2000 with the first flights to London-Stansted.

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