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Freie kontaktanzeigen Leipzig
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Verschaffe dir anhand der Fotos einen ersten Eindruck - selbstverständlich unverbindlich und ohne Anmeldung.

Some of the most intriguing differences between humans’ and other great apes’ social behaviour can be found not in the things humans can do, but in the things humans prefer to do.

For example, I have recently shown that children prefer to cooperate with another child over achieving an identical outcome by themselves.

Much research on how the adult human brain processes the social world has shown that there is a network of specific brain areas, called the social brain, preferentially involved during social cognition and interaction.

Studies on the adult social brain have provided important insights into thefully developed brain machinery that deals with our social world.

Unter dem Wort "Chatiquette" versteckt sich eine abgewandelte Form des Begriffs "Etiquette" und beschreibt den höflichen Umgang mit anderen Menschen in einem Chat.

Jedes Portal hat hier unterschiedliche Auffassungen davon, was noch akzeptabel ist und was wiederum vermieden werden sollte.

At least three subtypes with phonological, visual, and mixed difficulties could be distinguished.

Linking these profiles to brain activation during reading, phonological processing, or attention reveals a repercussion of these fingerprints in neurophysiological activation patterns.

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Moreover, I will talk about work that looks at how certain gene variants impact social brain processes in infancy, specifically the responding to facial and vocal emotional expressions, and thereby give rise to individual differences in emotional sensitivity and temperament.