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In the background can be seen the city's former paper mills, now home to the Radisson-SAS hotel and shops.

The remnants of German bunkers can still be seen today, one of these bunkers is now a public museum.Silkeborg is located in region known as Søhøjlandet (lit.: the lake-highland) in mid-eastern Jutland, regarded as one of the most beautiful areas in Denmark.It is the sixth oldest newspaper in Denmark and was founded when the town of Silkeborg had only existed for 11 years.In many years the paper had its own paper press, but today it is printing at Jyllands-Postens facilities.The landscape consists mostly of lakes, extensive woodlands (such as the Silkeborg Forests) and some of the highest points in Denmark, including Himmelbjerget.

It is also one of the most expensive areas in Denmark in which to reside, and the neighbouring village of Sejs is known for its large mansions and lakeside villas at Brassø.

Michael Drewsen, regarded as the founder of the city, was responsible for the daily management of the mill.

Today a statue of Michael Drewsen stands in front of the old city hall in the town square.

Today Midtjyllands Avis is owned by the concern Silkeborg Avis A/S.

This concern is also the joint owner of the radio station Radio 1 (formerly known as Radio Silkeborg), a commercial radio station broadcasting online and on airwaves in the middle of Jutland.

For many years the paper mill (Silkeborg Paprfabrik) was the most prominent business in the city, but during the 1990s it suffered financial difficulties.