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The shows focus on issues such as prison, freedom and restrictions.

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This major theatrical experiment brings young ensembles of 130 actors, musicians and dancers from European countries and the Central Denmark Region to perform their unique shows.

In a thrilling simultaneity, all performers will delight in parallel presentations.

An unforgettable and extraordinary experience awaits the visitor.

The Prison Museum contains the world’s largest prison collection from the Museum of Horsens.

On the journey through the old penitentiary the guest will feel the peculiar atmosphere present here, creeping under your skin as the museum displays are spiced with sound clips, video and shadow puppetry recorded by real people from the prison world.

At FÆNGSLET we also offer group tours in English, if you want a complimentary possibility to walking on your own.

The programme includes international guest performances and activities, workshops, and installations in urban space.

FULL MOON EVENTPresented by Komediehuset Horsens FREEDOM PRISON Ensemble Performances: Young ensembles from various European countries and Central Denmark Region will each perform a show related to the title FREEDOM PRISON around the enormous prison complex.

Now Denmark’s most prestigious, long running and well attended Crime Book Festival, Krimimessen welcomes international authors and thousands of readers from around the world to partake in all things dangerous and noir.

In 2017 the theme is set for gluttony, avarice and power as the authors and their audiences explore the theme of GREED.

The relegated team was replaced by 2015–16 1st Division champions Lyngby Boldklub, while the 2nd and 3rd place teams, Silkeborg IF and AC Horsens, were promoted to bring the total teams in the league to 14.