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Dating Ærø
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The boat ride takes another 2 hours until it reaches Aeroskobing port.

You can check out more about the ferry boat rates and schedule at

Even more, their numbers change over time, as new islands form while a few also permanently disappear.

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It was a beautiful road trip in this island actually, since We actually thought of taking Fynshav – Søby route at first, so we can also visit German cities like Hamburg.But since I’ve never been to Copenhagen either and taking the ferry via Svendbørg can already send us to Ærøskøbing right away, we chose the latter.Not until in 2006, together with Marstal in the east, Ærøskøbing is now a commune belonging to Ærø municipality.With its narrow lanes and picturesque 18th-century houses, Ærøskøbing was historically Ærø’s main town, yet remains the primary port for ferry connections.Its vessels have sailed continents over centuries, and up to now it is still the home port for a considerable number of coasters.

Its dockyards, shipping companies and maritime schools definitely show that shipping is the town’s economic focus and way of life.

It takes over 2 hours to reach Svendborg without stopover.

From there, we took a ferry that took us to Aero island.

Ærøskøbing seems to be a “town-in-a-bottle.” It is a quaint, peaceful place that would make you feel the time stops for you while its natural, rustic, unassuming beauty continues to flow around. A precious island far away we can call our own, where my husband and I made our vows to go on a life journey together as one…surely, Ærøskøbing is a magical place that is forever special in our hearts.

After our sightseeing tour around Copenhagen, we packed our bags again, picked up the car we rented and traveled on the road to our next destination.

I got swooned right away upon knowing that this hidden island is dubbed as Denmark’s fairytale town.