Dating dk kontakt Ringsted

Dating dk kontakt Ringsted
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Clicking on the tender package (TP) numbers further down the page takes you to an overview of the scope of the construction work and the precise location of the stretch.The future invitations to tender are divided into three categories corresponding to the sections of the line (Urban Section, North and South Sections and West Section): structures and earthworks, structures, earthworks and preparatory/concluding works.

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Bridges, tunnels, pedestrian and bicycle underpasses and underpasses for wildlife will be built, and embankments and cuttings will be excavated along the line.The maps below show the locations along the line that are subject to invitations to tender.The New Line will remove bottlenecks between Copenhagen and Roskilde and is crucial for commuter traffic on the island of Zealand to and from Copenhagen.It will ensure passenger transport between various parts of the country, as well as international passenger and freight transport.Along the 60-kilometre stretch of The New Line, earthworks must be dug and bridges and tunnels built for approximately DKK 4 billion.

This will later be followed by invitations to tender for the railway engineering works for Denmark’s first high-speed line, which will open to traffic in 2018 and will cost DKK 10.4 billion.

TSI establishes standards for infrastructure, energy, trains, remote control, signals, maintenance and operation.

Usable in Denmark Jette Aagaard, technical director for The New Line Copenhagen-Ringsted, is confident that the standards applied in our neighbouring countries will also be adequate for application to the line between Copenhagen and Ringsted.

Therefore I have complete confidence that the compulsory European standards for high speed operation are completely applicable in Denmark,” says Jette Aagaard.

The new rail line is being built for speeds of up to 250 kph on certain stretches.

The first engineering tenders are part of the Danish Government’s objective of the accelerated implementation of new investment in 2012-13.