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Dating dk 50 Allerød
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Dating for seniorer, også kendt som dating 50 , bliver mere og mere populært.

Fuld anonymitet: Du er naturligvis ganske anonym nr du benytter - bde dit navn samt din mailadresse vises ikke.Vi nsker alle god fornjelse med - og held og lykke med din nste senior date. Og jeg er kun glad for at jeg gik her ind ellers var det nok aldrig lykkedes, føler jeg.End en gang tak ...“ Læs hele historien “Til 50 Plus!Despite the fact that research has been carried out into the Bromme culture through several decades, it remains one of the most poorly-dated archaeological cultures of the North European lowlands.

Significant cultural-historical questions therefore remain unresolved. For example: Did the culture emerge under the influence of the Allerød period's mild climate and the rapidly improving ecological potential for a hunter-fisher-gatherer existence in Southern Scandinavia (Fischer, 1991 ; Eriksen, 2002)?

Whether it also extended over northern Poland and parts of England ().

The culture is usually taken to be an expression of the first complete adaptation to, and year-round presence in, the recently deglaciated landscape of Southern Scandinavia.

An element in this adaptation was that the meticulous and economical (in terms of raw material) flint technology that had been practised in the preceding and generally more southerly distributed Hamburg and Federmesser cultures was abandoned in favour of a significantly simpler, in technical terms, and markedly more profligate craft tradition.

This change probably reflects the relative abundance of large flint nodules of good quality to which the population gained access when they made their entry into the Southern Scandinavian young-moraine landscape (Fischer, 1991 ; Petersen, 2009).

This is characterised by only three types of tool with retouch: scrapers, burins and, not least, robust tanged points (Westerby, 1946; Westerby, 1987; Mathisassen, 1948 ; Fischer and Nielsen, 1987). The location of Holmegård Bog and the site of Trollesgave, relative to the present-day geography and the extent of land, sea and ice cap in Southern Scandinavia during Middle to Late Allerød times (A).