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“We refer to it as the war that really changed our identity as a nation,” she says, when we meet in the Copenhagen cinema where 1864 is being unveiled to the local press.“We were really humbled and it led to us thinking that maybe we should just stay where we are, in our own backyard – that kind of mentality.”She portrays Johanne Luise Heiberg, the most celebrated actress of her day.

The success of the implausibly gripping Borgen, which has dramatised the ups, downs, ins and outs of multi-party government in a small, civilised corner of northern Europe, just goes to show that nobody in television knows a thing.The Danish national broadcaster DR very rarely commissions three seasons of any drama (The Killing was the other one), and never four.I had very few days on this project [], and I loved the character, but I had no way of showing it.It sounds like one of those legendarily bad programme ideas pitched to the BBC by Alan Partridge. The third and final series of Borgen has only two more hours to run on BBC Four and it’s election time in Denmark. Let’s just say that the final two episodes do not disappoint.The Nyborg asylum centre can house up to 500 residents and says it works to offer them a “dignified stay” while asylum applications are processed.

Denmark received 21,000 asylum applications during 2015, up from 14,815 the previous year.There is, however, little overtly kinky in this curious tableau – it is just one of many expressionistic scenes in this lavish new series from DR, the publicly funded Danish state broadcasters who brought the world takes its title from the year of Denmark’s catastrophic defeat at the hands of Bismarck’s Germany, when the Danes lost forever a sizeable chunk of territory.The war’s effect on the Danish psyche is still felt today, says Knudsen.“I went to school in Tanzania for two years, from five to seven,” she says.“I started off in my mother’s school with a lot of African children – but then I was put into the international school.”At the age of 18 she took herself to Paris, “Just for a year, to be bohemian. And you can bet she would have negotiated a canny deal to hold back that tide. Nyborg’s last task is to take on the opposition having just recovered from a potentially fatal illness and leave us sated while also wanting more.