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Dating 50 Kerteminde
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After Bullerup you can choose to take the extra northern route which leads to Seden Strandby.

Here, at the shallow bottom of Odense Fjord you can see birds on the tidal flats such as ringed plovers, dunlins and common sandpipers. This river begins in the lake of Arreskov Sø and runs for 60 kilometres before passing through the centre of Odense.

After passing large areas of manor-house land with several areas of woodland you come to yet another manor house, that of Østergård, which for a long time was jointly owned with Ulriksholm.

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During recent years heavy investments have been made to increase capacity, flexibility and quality control.Some of the key investments have been into new laser cutters, welding robots and a new in-house production line for cutterbars.From here you can make a detour to Munkebo, where there is a lookout tower on the hill Munkebo Bakke.The listed vicarage of Kølstrup is a well-preserved half-timbered structure.These are key statements in the production of machines at the Kverneland Group forage equipment competence centre in Kerteminde, Denmark and with a history of implement production dating back to 1877, the wealth of technical know-how gathered through research and development since then, is applied to find the optimum solution to our customers needs.

With a 50 000m² covered production area, Kverneland Group Kerteminde is the dedicated competence centre for forage equipment, with responsibility for the complete grassland range of mowers, rakes, tedders, wagons and feeding equipment.

The town also boasts a museum for the painter Johannes Larsen, who is known especially for his paintings of birds, as well as the Fjord & Belt Center, which researches and displays information about the marine environment at Kertinge Nor, Kertminde Fjord and Bay and the Great Belt.

A 50- metre tunnel allows you to study the flora and fauna of the Great Belt under water. From Kerteminde, cycle towards Langebro - south on Odensevej towards Ladby, which is a lovely village with various old houses and farms.

Before arriving at Bullerup you pass the river of Vejrup Å.

In Bullerup there are many nurseries and, even though close to Odense, it has the feel of a country village.

In its narrow streets there are quite a number of old houses, the museum being housed in one of them, dating from the 17th century.