Dansk date Jammerbugt

Dansk date Jammerbugt
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To this date, weather-beaten fishermen can still be seen hauling their vessels onto the beach of Thorup Strand, while – on the beach of Slettestrand – the passionate members of the boat guilt Han Herred Havbåde can be seen working at restoring their ancestors' sea-going vessels.The shipyard doors are open to tourists who are interested in a first-hand experience of this restoration.

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Authentic cultural experiences from the days of yore will also dominate the remainder of Bay Denmark – clearly emphasising signs of the traditional North Jutlandinshore fishermen's culture.

In Slettestrand and Blokhus you can pay the old lifeboat stations a visit – a reminder of times when the lifeboat crews did their best to rescue shipwrecked crews in the frequently extremely rough seas.

A visit to Fårup Sommerland will entertain and occupy your children for an entire day.

One of the area's main attractions with respect to outdoor sports activities are the fantastic mountain-bike track systems available in the popular holiday towns Slettestrand and Blokhus.

Undervisningsdelen omfatter både almenundervisning og specialundervisning. Det gælder normalt også udenlandske børn, som bor i landet i seks måneder eller mere.

Undervisningspligten er ti år, og den træder i kraft i august måned det år, hvor barnet fylder seks.

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Right in front of the North Sea and not far from Løkken you find our family friendly holiday resort Dayz Grønhøj Strand.

well, then you have the settings for the perfect family days.

The Bay Denmark, Jammerbugten, is rich on excitement – to be found on wood paths as well as in the authentic inshore fishing culture by the sea.

Here, the local aquavit, the snaps, should be enjoyed in the rays of the sun.