Affiliate marketing dating offers

Affiliate marketing dating offers
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I highly recommend you read ” CPA Affiliate Marketing – Step By Step guide for beginners“.

I have only promoted CPA dating offers on POF and that’s exactly what I’ll be covering in this tutorial.So in case you’ve somehow managed to find this post and confuse what CPA marketing is about.We don’t want to set up ads blindly and simply hope for the best! [/sociallocker] If you don’t already have an advertiser account with POF, you can register by simply heading over to https://com/.Just like how you have affiliate managers for your CPA networks, there are two POF managers who will be looking after you.You can actually break it down quite a bit by tapping into micro-niches like single parents, BBW (big beautiful women), Christian dating, senior dating and so on.

I must warn you that there are some dating offers that are not allowed on POF.

This is the go-to person and first point of contact if you have any problems or questions relating to CPA marketing.

The affiliate manager has access to data from other affiliate marketers and so they can tell you what offers have been converting well.

I highly recommend you start of promoting micro-niche offers.

A few examples are Jewish dating offers, Gay dating offers, Asian dating offers, Single Senior dating offers and so on.

My personal preference when advertising on POF is to go with the dating niche, because this is working very well for me.