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Abenteuer dating Freiburg im Breisgau
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) is a city in Baden-Württemberg, Germany with a population of about 220,000.

Egino II raised taxes and sought to limit the citizens' freedom, after which the Freiburgers used catapults to destroy the count's castle atop the Schloßberg, a hill that overlooks the city center.The furious count called on his brother-in-law the Bishop of Strasbourg, Konradius von Lichtenberg, for help.The city council did not trust the new nobles and wrote down its established rights in a document.At the end of the thirteenth century there was a feud between the citizens of Freiburg and their lord, Count Egino II of Freiburg.In 1457, Albrecht VI, Regent of Further Austria, established Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, one of Germany's oldest universities.

In 1498, Emperor Maximilian I held a Reichstag in Freiburg.Frei means "free", and Burg, like the modern English word "borough", was used in those days for an incorporated city or town, usually one with some degree of autonomy.The German word Burg also means "a fortified town", as in Hamburg.Most of the nobles of the city died in the battle of Sempach (1386).The patrician family Schnewlin took control of the city until the guildsmen revolted.In 1520, the city ratified a set of legal reforms, widely considered the most progressive of the time.